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MyBB Việt Nam

Current Project: Mybb 1.8.36 Vietnamese Language Pack. If you are interested in helping with this project, please email
Dự Án Tiếp Theo: Hoàn thành phiên bản thông dịch tiếng Việt cho MyBB 1.8.36. Nếu bạn muốn giúp cho dự án này, xin hãy liên lạc x

Latest MyBB Release: MyBB 1.8.37 Released — Security & Maintenance Release (November 4, 2023) x

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[Test] Copy PHP CODE Demo
PHP Code:
MyBB 1.8.37 is now available, and is a security & maintenance release.

This version includes improvements for compatibility with mailing configurations and recent PHP versions.

2 security vulnerabilities addressed:
Medium risk: Visual editor size code persistent XSS (advisory) — reported by Paulos Yibelo (Octagon Networks)
Low risk: ACP Themes persistent XSS (advisory) — reported by Or4nG.M4n
12 issues resolved
Check the Release Notes for more information

Get latest MyBB Full & Upgrade Packages →

The MyBB Project extends thanks to reporters and researchers following responsible disclosure
Go to to report possible security concerns or to learn more about security research at MyBB.
If you would like to contribute to the Project, Get Involved.

MyBB Team  

Testing Copy PHP CODE function

PHP Code:
Yet another php tag with in the same post 

Also another code in the same post to show that each tag's content can be copied separately

Trả lời

Test copy text plugin
PHP Code:
Yet another php tag with in the same post  

Trả lời

and superscript

Trả lời

Quote Test
(10-11-2023, 02:16 PM)JLP423 Đã viết: subscript   
and superscript

Trả lời

Trả lời nhanh
Ghost Alien-monster Laughing Kiss-mark Love-you-gesture Winking-face Raised-fist Face-screaming-in-fear Pinched-fingers Skull Collision Orange-heart Unamused-face Face-cursing Face-with-open-mouth Sneezing-face Lying-face Speak-no-evil-monkey Face-steam-from-nose Red-heart Confounded-face Blue-heart Smiling-face-with-sunglasses Folded-hands Mouth Thumbs-down Victory-hand Pouting-face Slightly-frowning-face Call-me-hand Brain Purple-heart Face-with-rolling-eyes Confused-face Raising-hands
Smiling-face-with-open-hands Woozy-face Revolving-hearts Yawning-face Face-with-crossed-out-eyes Weary-face Hundred-points Eye Thumbs-up Frowning-face-open-mouth White-heart Clown-face Face-with-raised-eyebrow Smirking-face Crying-loudly-face Zzz Nerd-face Heart-with-arrow Nauseated-face Sign-of-horns Flushed-face Brown-heart Raised-hand Partying-face Pleading-face Tongue Waving-hand Money-mouth-face Drooling-face Alien Face-with-head-bandage Dashing-away Neutral-face Backhand-index-pointing-up Squinting-face-with-tongue
Hear-no-evil-monkey Ok-hand Relieved-face Smiling-face-with-heart-eyes Index-pointing-up Worried-face Hushed-face Halo Grinning-face Broken-heart Love-letter Crown Clapping-hands Black-heart Grimacing-face Smiling-face Pensive-face Baby Upside-down-face Frowning-face Yellow-heart Middle-finger Anger-symbol Anxious-face-with-sweat Two-hearts Smiling-devil Sleeping-face Backhand-index-pointing-left Face-vomiting Dizzy Eyes Hot-face Flexed-bicep Frowning-devil Skull-and-crossbones
Sweat-droplets Grinning-cat Poop Exploding-head Crossed-fingers Angry-face Disguised-face Face-savoring-food Pinching-hand Face-with-monocle Zipper-mouth-face Face-with-hand-over-mouth See-no-evil-monkey Bomb Robot Smiling-face-with-hearts Backhand-index-pointing-down Cold-face Backhand-index-pointing-right Green-heart Cowboy-hat-face  

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